Waste Management Equipment


ETGI is equipped for practically any type of industrial waste hauling. We operate state-of-the-art vacuum tank trailers, standard tank trailers, roll-on/roll-off containers, dump trailers, and van box trailers . Our equipment is permitted and licensed for over-the-road transport of solid and hazardous waste transportation in most states and Ontario, Canada.

A preventive maintenance program and demanding service standards ensure that all equipment is safe, reliable and operable at all times. All preventive maintenance inspections and repairs are performed in the company shop utilizing The Maintenance Councilís recommended practices and OEM recommendations.
The fleet includes:

  • Stainless steel
  • DOT MC-406/306, MC-407/307, MC-412/312
  • Vacuum tank trailers
  • Van trailers with secondary containment
  • Insulated tank trailers
  • Roll-off containers
  • Roll off transport trailers
  • Dump trailers
Vacuum Tank Trailer Vacuum Tank Trailers

ETGI operates 6000 gallon MC307/312 double conical non-insulated single compartment stainless steel vacuum tank trailers. These trailers are ideal for emptying underground tanks and other fixed containers containing hazardous liquid waste.
Standard Tank Trailer Standard Tank Trailers

For handling the many liquid waste situations not requiring a vacuum tanker, ETGI operates 7000 gallon MC307 double conical insulated and steam coiled single compartment stainless steel tankers.

Dump Trailer Dump Trailers

For handling any type of contaminated soil or debris, ETGI has 34 foot, 44 cubic yard dump trailers, equipped with roll tarps and water tight gaskets. Gasketing enables the trailer to safely handle wet material.

Van Box Trailer  Van Box Trailer

To transport contained waste material, such as drums and totes, ETGI uses 48 foot by 102 van box trailers. For complete safety, the trailers are all equipped with secondary containment pans.

Roll-Off Chassis Trailers Roll-Off Chassis Trailers

Used for picking up and dropping off the containers these tri-axle 38 foot trailers are completely set up for lifting and hauling the roll-on/roll-off waste containers with maximum safety and minimum delay.
Roll-Off Containers Roll-Off Containers

On-Site collection is provided by 10, 20, 30 & 40 cubic yard containers. Equipped with roll tarps, liners and water tight gaskets, these containers are ideal for any kind of solid waste, including wet solids.


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